COVID-19 devastates the hungry and homeless

You can help our neighbors survive during the crisis

COVID-19 devastates the hungry and homeless image




You can help our neighbors survive during the crisis

Please give to support families

Every day, we see the impact of COVID-19 has wreaked on our world. Collier County struggles through this crisis as well. Many of our neighbors can work through the changes such as working from home or taking online school classes. Unfortunately, many in our community have seen their lives completely upended: Jim's electrical jobs have been indefinitely postponed, Maria has been furloughed from her now-empty hotel, and Steve's retail business has collapsed due to the self-isolation. Real examples, not real names.

These persons now face empty pantries, possible evictions, and a feeling of hopelessness - all through no fault of their own. But you have the power of one to give hope through a gift to Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition!

Your gift today ensures that our community members needing food for their families and rental assistance to keep a roof over their heads will be cared for. We continue our efforts to prevent hunger and homelessness in Collier County.

But frankly, we never expected this global pandemic and the exponential increase in demand for food and rental assistance yet we are striving to meet our community's needs every day. And our neighbors need your help!