We need you to help us prevent and end homelessness in Collier County.

We need you to help us prevent and end homelessness in Collier County.  image




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Together We Can Collier

What does resilience mean to you? Let me introduce you to a young mother who wasn't always a mother to her children.

We call her Sister-Mom. When Sister-Mom was 18 years old her parents were both killed in an automobile accident leaving her and her five siblings parentless. Sister-Mom had an immediate, deep-sense in her heart to keep her family together; over the next two years she petitioned the court to give her full custody of her siblings, in fact she fully adopted them as her own children.

Today, six years later Sister-Mom, who is 24 years old, works as a CNA at several locations around Collier County to support her and her children. Her hours are long, but each day she takes time to go over homework with each child and makes sure they have what she can provide for meals. Her children are all A-B students - that takes amazing effort under normal circumstances!

Through the outreach effort of the Hunger & Homeless Coalition we've been able help Sister-Mom with meals, a laptop for the children's education during Covid, and monthly check-ins. We love this family and look forward to building our relationship with them! The outreach program is touching so many lives in our community with positive impact - please consider joining us today in this life-changing campaign; let’s partner to prevent and reduce homelessness in Collier County, Because Together We Can Collier!